Hello there mortals, I am Satan, but you may know my son, Lasagna.
(I track the tag 'lasagnasfather')

You are more than welcome to come and visit me, make yourselves at home, and mind the hell-hounds, they bite.

Give me a disco ball and I will love you forever~
RP blog.
M!A Satus: None
Mood: Neutral
Health: Normal
Currently: Getting settled back into home.

Note from the Mun: This blog can be NSFW sometimes, you have been warned. Things range from sexual content, to language, to gore, to religion things, which I tend not to post a bunch about. This is an RP blog for all sorts, I do anything from everyday simple RP's to smut. This is also a multi-ship blog, everything happens in different realities or AU's.
AU Relationship 1: Freddy. Satan has a child named Alveine with her and has confessed his love for her.
AU Relationship 2: Eli, Satan has informed Eli of his love for him and will be a father yet again. They both have a baby girl, Lily. They are currently engaged.
AU Relationship 3: Satan is married to Dracula
Note: This blog is NSFW for sexual content and some slight gore that is reblogged.
If you would like to RP, just shoot me a message~
As a side note, Satan can be a bit... 'grabby' sometimes, don't take it personally, he is a ladies man... and a mans man... or anything of that nature, he does tend to hit on a lot of people, as he is not used to interacting with people, so please don't take it too seriously~


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