Hello there mortals, I am Satan, but you may know my son, Lasagna.
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You are more than welcome to come and visit me, make yourselves at home, and mind the hell-hounds, they bite.

Give me a disco ball and I will love you forever~
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Note from the Mun: This blog can be NSFW sometimes, you have been warned. Things range from sexual content, to language, to gore, to religion things, which I tend not to post a bunch about. This is an RP blog for all sorts, I do anything from everyday simple RP's to smut. This is also a multi-ship blog, everything happens in different realities or AU's.
AU Relationship 1: Freddy. Satan has a child named Alveine with her and has confessed his love for her.
AU Relationship 2: Eli, Satan has informed Eli of his love for him and will be a father yet again. They both have a baby girl, Lily. They are currently engaged.
AU Relationship 3: Satan is married to Dracula
Note: This blog is NSFW for sexual content and some slight gore that is reblogged.
If you would like to RP, just shoot me a message~
As a side note, Satan can be a bit... 'grabby' sometimes, don't take it personally, he is a ladies man... and a mans man... or anything of that nature, he does tend to hit on a lot of people, as he is not used to interacting with people, so please don't take it too seriously~


A New Slender In The Forest (Open RP~ Please join in!)

The new Slenderbeing slowly walked through the forest, still struggling on how to walk, as his balance was thrown off. Hunger clawed at him mercilessly, and none of the human food he had in his house drove it off.
He stopped dead in his tracks as he thought he heard someone else walking, as he heard twigs snap, but he was sure that he didn’t cause it.
Unsure of how to fend for himself, he decided not to call out to see if it really was someone, or something. He didn’t want to end up killed.